The Muse & the Castle in the air (200 x 220 cm)

Materials: Oil on canvas.

Symbolism: From myth to logos. The struggle of culture versus nature. The archetype of the Muse

The Painting:
The woman has a lyre in her hands. A well-known instrument in Greek mythology. On this early version of the harp, Orpheus produced such enchanting sounds, that he had the old Greek world at his feet, likewise the woman in the painting her enchanted lover.

The painter looks through the window to his Muse. He is busy making her portrait. But what is he really looking at?

In science we travel progressively from myth to logos. Existential questions in which we define ourselves are no longer answered by the gods and the mysticism but are explained by science. Mythical proportions are shrinking. Our view at things change, even love is explained now, because clinically considered she is encouraged by pheromones, the scent of Eros.

Moreover, our culture and religion strive for monogamy, where our biology, from the point of view of surviving, strive for the spreading of genes.

Some windows do have proportions of the Phi ratio, also golden section or Guilder cut.

N.B.:  Should the series of paintings be converted into resources, in order to make further development of painting possible, then the reflection of the painter will be made visible in the square window.