Hylas & the Naiads (190 x 160 cm)

Materials: Oil on canvas. 

Symbolism: Treacherous seduction. Treason.

Youthful Hylas is seduced by the Naiads and drowns. The Naiads or water nymphs were keepers of poetry, music and flowers. They lived near or in water.

The painting:
The viewer looks through glass in lead, colored, church windows to the ‘seduction’. Looking through the primary colors, that mixed in terms of light will produce white light and in terms of matter will produce black matter, like mixed paint.

In the oval there is the death mask of Hylas. The breadth – altitude proportions of a number of rectangles correspond with those of the Phi ratio or the Guilder cut: 1:1,618. In the Gothic arcs, parts of the flower of life are integrated. The painting itself is also a cheater of the eye, because it exists out of 12 small canvasses and one small panel. Moreover the picture can be dismantled and so to speak can be carried in a suitcase. In other words nothing in life is what it seems to be.