Echo & Narcissus (180 x 220 cm)

Materials: Oil on canvas. 

Symbolism: From logos to myth. The reaching back to old values in modern times.

As science moves forward, political and ethics tend to relentless recurrence.  Learning nothing of the past. We free ourselves from God to turn later to the same metaphysical dogmas. Such as we travel from myth to logos, we continue traveling, from logos to myth and so on, within the circle of being.

The Painting:
In the painting the Greek myth revives. This time the tale of Echo & Narcissus stands symbol for reverting to the myth in uncertain times. Characterizing civilizations which undermine themselves, where the motivations of politicians are based on unbridled narcissism, deaf for reason or love. The composition is circularly and symbolizes the recurrence.

The Myth:
Narcissus was a young man of extraordinary beauty. The nymph Echo fell in love with him. When her love stayed unanswered, she perished until only her voice (echo) remained. As a sentence Aphrodite ensured that Narcissus became amorous on his own reflection in the water. Digested by a never satisfying love, he also perished and changed into the well known flower.

In the cross which symbolizes the disunion, the Phi ratio has been processed.